Have You Been in a Serious Accident? Lawyers in Toronto Can Assist and Advise You

The Aftermath of a Serious Accident

Have you been in a serious accident? As lawyers in Toronto will attest, while injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions are unfortunately increasing in frequency, so too are other serious accidents resulting from situations such as:
  • Slipping and falling on a sidewalk covered in rain or ice
  • A driver suddenly opening his car door while you are cycling along a Toronto street.
  • Purchasing a child’s toy, appliance or any type of consumer product that turns out to be defective or to cause defects
  • Working at a construction job and being injured on site
  • Playing a team sport that results in injury due to negligent supervision.
So, what exactly does "serious” mean when it comes to an injury? Time and aftermath. A serious accident means possible long-term – even permanent –disability. The party may have suffered catastrophic injury to the brain, spinal cord, or loss of limb(s) or vision. While Toronto residents may turn to our health care system, such as OHIP, to cover hospital and physician care, costs such as physical and occupational therapy and specialized equipment like wheelchairs, home nursing or prescriptions are not necessarily covered.
Unfortunately, even though a serious injury could have enduring consequences, some benefits are capped, which means that once a monetary amount or time frame has been reached, the injured person no longer receives the respective benefit. If the serious accident becomes a lifelong disability, one will have to examine if one is financially prepared for the future. The person who has been seriously injured is not the only individual affected by a loss of independence. A family member or a spouse may need to relocate or quit his/her job in order to administer to the needs of the injured.

How to Proceed with a Tort Claim

A Tort Claim is a lawsuit against the party whose negligence or actions resulted in your injury. It is potentially pursued through the courts. You would need to work with an experienced serious accident lawyer who is also experienced in trial law. The lawyer will:
  • Investigate the cause of the accident.
  • Consult with you on what you and/or your family require in the way of an adequate settlement.
  • Advise you regarding realistic expectations.
  • Determine which party is responsible for the accident.
  • Research which avenue to pursue in order to make a financial claim; in other words, if it is the insurer or the municipality with whom one should inquire.
  • Compile support documentation, such as medical assessments.
  • File a legal claim on behalf of the injured party.
  • Negotiate and mediate a settlement.

Financial Concerns

A depleting bank account can arise from loss of income and, of course, the growing costs of medical bills, rehabilitation and additional care. One item that will not cause additional burden is the cost of enlisting a lawyer to represent you and your wishes. Highly experienced and reputable personal injury lawyers typically work on a previously agreed upon Contingency Fee Basis. The lawyer receives payment when a settlement is received.
A serious accident can be a severe loss; a loss of mobility, independence and spirit. While financial compensation will not necessarily "fix” a catastrophic injury, it can help alleviate some of the accompanying stress and worries. A serious accident lawyer in Toronto will be the skilled, dedicated and experienced advocate needed to prevent an already bad situation from becoming worse.